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Pansophica creates personalized and relevancy-ranked views of the Web, called Worlds, which enable you to locate documents of interest quickly.

You create worlds in two ways: by entering search terms or with an URL. The URL can be any URL like your Web site, a Web file, or even your bookmarks file from your browser.

From a search ...

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Universe Window

The Universe window provides a home base. It's a conveniently organizes and ranks worlds you create as well as tracks your all-time favourite documents and words

World Window

At the heart of Pansophica resides the World window. This window provides tools to search, browse, graze, and navigate web sites and searches in virtual reality. The inset window on the bottom-right provides a clickable map of all significant words in the space. The main of the window depicts documents as cubes, organized according to similarity and shaded according to relevance. You can tweak the view to display only relevant documents and word as well as conduct keyword searches.

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